Schroth Scoliosis & Postural Treatment, Education Centre - Online and Face-to-Face

Face-to-face and Online Consultations, Assessment, treatment & workshops for Scoliosis, Scheurmann's disease, Hyperkyphosis, Hyperlordosis and Postural concerns.

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Dear patients and visitors, due to unforeseen circumstances this clinic is now closed. We are confidently recommending any new or existing patients contact ScoliCare for their scoliosis consultations and treatment.

ScoliCare have a well established clinic in Kogarah in Sydney’s south, and to accommodate our patients they have recently opened a new location in Wahroonga in Sydney’s north. ScoliCare offer a very similar exercise approach for scoliosis, as well as 3D scanning and custom scoliosis bracing where required. The ScoliCare team is highly trained and well respected in the global scoliosis treatment community, and we recommend you contact them for you or your child’s scoliosis treatment.

Visit or call 1300 883 884


Schroth is simply a specific treatment and exercise approach for scoliosis.  Just like any exercise program, it takes commitment, and the proper guidance from qualified professionals, to get the best results. We work together with the patient and their team of carers, including family, doctors, and specialists, to achieve the most holistic approach.

Our clinic is specially designed to incorporate, and not isolate, Schroth physiotherapy patients so they feel comfortable and at ease during treatment. All our Schroth patients receive an individualised approach and a specially designed treatment plan.

Our Online Consultations have the advantage that your Physiotherapist will get to see you in your own location, where you practice your Schroth exercises. This saves travel time for the patient. 

Our aim is to empower our patients with the skills, knowledge and physical strength to better manage their posture whilst living with scoliosis.

We look forward to working with you to create the best possible outcomes for you and your child.


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We have closed. Please contact ScoliCare for scoliosis appointments - 1300 883 884