Scoliosis Sitting Position Tips During the Coronavirus Isolation

Scoliosis Sitting Position Tips in Coronavirus Isolation

By Rosemary Marchese (Physiotherapist, Schroth and SEAS Methods for Scoliosis)

Now that many of us are housebound in isolation during this Coronavirus, it’s time to address sitting posture for scoliosis. Sitting at home for work or school means that there may be less incidental activity, but perhaps more time to do Schroth exercises. Here are some tips for those of you who are experienced in Schroth and are living with scoliosis. 

Remembering your healthy sitting posture

You may not be seeing your physiotherapist for a while due to isolation or temporary business closure. Make sure you are well aware of your corrections! Ask questions if you need to (and my current patients can contact me via email). Remember:

  1. Set yourself up to work on a suitable chair. 
  2. Feet should be on the floor or supported on a foot support of some sort. 
  3. Check that you have equal weight on your your two ‘sit bones’. Technically these are called your ischial tuberosities. I like to call them ‘sit bones’. If you are putting too much weight on one side you will need to balance this out from the pelvis, not by ‘tipping’ over in the trunk. 
  4. Are you appropriately elongated? Remember scoliosis does its best to try to compress you! 
  5. Is your back too arched or too rounded? What has your therapist told you about your corrections? 
  6. When using your laptop or computer, try to have the screen at eye level. 
  7. If you are using a laptop, consider using a separate keyboard and mouse so that you can position the laptop further away from your eyes, with your eyes gazing forwards rather than down. 


Taking breaks and keeping healthy

Remember scoliosis doesn’t define you. Just like everyone else, you need to take regular breaks from your computer. Fitness is going to be super important during this stressful time as well. Talk to your therapist about exercise ideas to help keep your fitness up while you can’t participate in your normal sport or gym routines. Get up from your chair at least every hour and take a stretch break after 30 mins. 

If you have any questions at all please email us 

For current patients, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for simple ideas to get you through this difficult time. 

Rosemary Marchese



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