Caring and experienced Scoliosis Team on the Northern Beaches

At Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapy Clinic, we pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced and dedicated physiotherapists on the Northern Beaches. Our team has been carefully selected not only for their knowledge and expertise, but also for their caring, hands-on approach.

Each of our team members also has a particular area of speciality that brings a unique element to our clinic not found elsewhere. 

Our Team

Rosemary Marchese  – Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)

Practice Director, Physiotherapist, Certified Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapist C1 & C2 (Advanced) (New York)

Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS) Certified

Spinal-Pelvis Sagittal Plane Analysis and Treatment Considerations for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Adult Spinal Deformity

Currently enrolled in World Masters in Principles and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Management (ISICO, Milan Italy)


SOSORT 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference (San Francisco)

SOSORT 2018 Annual Meeting & Conference (Dubrovnik)

Nutrition Coach

Rosemary is a physiotherapist with twenty years of experience in physiotherapy, fitness consulting and training. After years of practicing physiotherapy, her passion grew for the physical treatment of Scoliosis. So, she travelled to New York to become certified in the Schroth Method of Scoliosis treatment under the Barcelona School of Physical Therapy. In 2018 she followed this up by attaining the BSPTS C2 Advanced certification in New York. She has travelled to Dubrovnik, Croatia for the 14th Annual SOSORT meeting and will be attending the 15th meeting in San Francisco in April 2019. Rosemary is also certified in the Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS). She is currently enrolled in the online World Masters in Principles and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Management, through ISICO (Istituto Scientifico Italiano Colonna Vertebrale), which is based in Milan Italy.

She is dedicated to combining this knowledge and training, with her repertoire of physiotherapy skills and experience, to provide the best possible treatment for her patients. Click here for more information about Schroth and SEAS Scoliosis treatments.

Rosemary has the ability to communicate well with sporty and inactive children who are experiencing injury due to their scoliosis, particularly the elite level athletes. Her strengths include being able to assess the situation to determine a successful return to sport or activity as quickly as possible without jeopardising the child’s health and fitness. This principle also applies to the adults she treats with return to sport, work or lifestyle activities at the forefront of her mind.

Rosemary is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. In 2019 she is preparing to work closely with Macquarie University – stay tuned for updates on what lies ahead!

Melinda Sims

Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy Assistant)

Physiotherapy Assistant and Practice Manager

Mel is the Practice Manager at Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapy Clinic. Mel has completed a Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy). Mel is responsible for managing the day to day running of the practice. She is also a qualified Physiotherapy Assistant, who can support the physiotherapists on the floor with exercise supervision, as well as preparing the room and necessary exercise equipment.

Mel is a mum to two young sporty girls and loves playing sport, going to the gym, reading and spending time with friends and family!


Natasha van der Wall

BA, MA, MPsych (Children and Ed), MAPS


Natasha van der Wall is a psychologist with 20 years’ experience working with children and their families within a broad range of clinical settings including early intervention, disability and community health, psycho-educational assessment, hospitals, schools and private practice.

Natasha is committed to supporting children and young people adjust to the challenges of childhood and growing up within their major contexts of school, family and friendships. Such challenges may include parent-child relationships, bereavement and loss (including parent separation), anxiety/worry, development and learning, social and friendship issues, transition & change (e.g. starting new school, moving, school camps, new siblings), self-esteem & emotional health, behaviour management, and parenting.

She is passionate about demonstrating the life-long benefits of understanding and managing one’s emotional health and sees her practice as a vital element to the well-being and resilience of children and young people throughout their lifespan. Through a range of therapeutic styles/techniques and skill development, children and their families can create positive behaviours that allow them to face their current concerns, future challenges and most importantly the ability to know when and how to seek support at such times. When working with children and young people, the role of the parent and other important adults (e.g. teachers, other therapists, doctors, coaches) is crucial to supporting the child and young person. Natasha values her years of experience working on multi-disciplinary teams in providing the best quality care over the long term.

Natasha has joined the team at Max Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to continue this work as well as to provide support to patients with scoliosis (children, young people and their parents). At times, scoliosis can present challenges that are not always immediately visible yet can be an obstacle to the successful outcomes of physical treatment programs.

She strongly values the principle of life-long learning and continues to enrich her knowledge through professional development with empirically-supported treatment and new research. Natasha is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and has a commitment to maintaining ethical standards and supporting peers and new graduates through clinical supervision and mentoring.

As a mum to three boys and an active volunteer in school, community and charity groups, Natasha aims to create a balanced, fulfilling life by doing meaningful work, enjoying time with family and friends, sport and outdoor activities, reading and making time for quiet contemplation.

Muhammad Maarj (Mo)

B.Pod. M.A.Pod.A (Podiatrist)

Mo completed his training through Charles Sturt University in Albury NSW. In his final year, he undertook international placements in Singapore and London where he was mentored by experienced podiatrists, sports physicians, and orthopaedic surgeons. 

Mo joined the practice after being recruited by Ray Harding, one of the most respected podiatrists in the country and the past president of the Australian Podiatric Association (NSW). Mo holds special interests in sports podiatry, foot and ankle orthosis, and paediatrics. 

Mo enjoys working inter-professionally with his colleagues in the Narrabeen Sports Medicine Centre to ensure the utmost care is provided to patients at all times. While working, Mo is embarking on research through Newcastle University focusing on children with hyper-mobility syndrome. He will be collaborating with national and international specialists on the topic. Mo also works closely with the Australian Rugby Sevens players screening and prescribing custom made sports and recreational orthotics. Mo has been on the frontline of prescribing foot and ankle orthotics such as the Riche Brace in aiding some patients who would have had to have surgical intervention. Mo lectures to medical and podiatry students about sports podiatry. His latest talk, “The Foot and Ankle”, was given at the Sports and Exercise Medicine Students’ Association (SEMSA). 

Mo speaks fluent Arabic and is a keen traveller, having visited over 15 countries. He enjoys playing soccer and is a big fan of Sydney FC. Mo plays football with the Wakehurst Tigers and enjoys running recreational.

Kylie Dowling


Kylie is a dedicated nutritionist who is motivated to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

When studying nutritional medicine Kylie became interested in understanding how our individual gut health is directly connected to our overall health.    This knowledge inspired Kylie to begin treating her own gut health in order to address a chronic skin condition.   This treatment was revolutionary and lead to a resolution of the condition and improvement in her general health. As a result, Kylie’s practice has a strong focus on assessing and improving her client’s gut health.  She has had great success in improving the health of her own family and many clients with this holistic approach.

Kylie’s practice focuses on many issues that can be associated with scoliosis, such as the role of certain vitamins and minerals in the progression risk.  This works well with her experience and focus on the following areas:

  • Digestive conditions such as IBS, …
  • Children’s health and nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Skin issues such as acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Mood disorders, anxiety, sleep problems and emotional wellbeing
  • Stress management
  • Women’s health

Kylie has a strong focus on “food as medicine” and she believes health starts with what you put on your plate.  She supports her clients to implement integral nutritional changes for the long term, not short term diets.

Where appropriate Kylie use functional testing to gain a greater understanding of her client’s health status.  Testing is especially useful for assessing gut health and prescribing the appropriate treatment.

Anita Royle


Anita has spent the majority of her career in Hospitality organising weddings, conferences and events. She loves talking to and helping people and that is ultimately what has led her to work at Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapy Clinic.

She is a mum of two active boys and loves spending time outdoors, socialising with family and friends, playing tennis, cooking, and reading great books. Her passion is to travel and experience new cultures, exploring other countries and meeting new people.


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